By Katie Kulp


Since making a bad hire can be devastating for a company’s budget, it’s only reasonable to want to know as much as possible about a candidate before making a decision. If you’re considering doing a background check on one or more candidates, you’ve got a decision ahead of you. Should you take your chances and wing it, or should you hire a professional background screening provider? Here are a few reasons most managers choose to use a professional for their background checks.

Professional background screening providers do a better job for cheaper

If you’ve decided to perform background checks, but are trying to save money, you might think it could be cheaper to piece things together yourself. Almost every time, a do-it-yourself approach is time-consuming and more expensive than hiring a professional. Dedicated background check services have the resources and experience to do the job right.

Background screening raises the quality of your hires

Simply knowing that a background check will be required weeds out many lower-quality candidates. The effect is not limited to those with criminal backgrounds, either. Many businesses report that the average quality of their applicants seemed to rise after word got out they were performing background checks. It would appear that candidates take these businesses and their job postings more seriously.

Workplace violence and negligent hiring liability

There are nearly two million reports of workplace violence every year. Businesses have a responsibility to their employees to provide a safe work environment, and hiring workers with a history of violence can make the company liable for any incidents. It makes good sense to want to see as much information as possible before bringing on a new employee.

The pros can dig deep while remaining compliant with the law

Even when a candidate agrees to a background check, there are legal limits to what information businesses are allowed to obtain. Everyone deserves some privacy, after all. Less reputable background screening firms might be overly eager to please their clients, and DIY managers are unlikely to know how to remain compliant with legislation such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Working with a professional screening agency protects your business from legal injury.

Choosing a screening agency

With over a decade protecting employers from making bad hires, Chane Solutions has the expertise needed to help your business succeed. We can guarantee the most complete, accurate results possible and rapid turnaround times. Contact us today to start customizing a service that works for you.

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