By Katie Kulp


Running background checks on potential employees shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all process. Don’t let a shady background screening agency trick you into paying for services that don’t apply. Instead of wasting resources on unnecessary checks, managers can tailor the screening process to fit their needs. Here are some different types of background screening services and how to use them.

DMV records

Depending on the type of job opening, checking an applicant’s DMV records might be completely unnecessary – or it could be the most important part of your screening process! If a job involves driving, you need to know you can trust the applicant’s judgment behind the wheel. If this is the case, be sure to pay extra attention to the candidate’s driving record; if not, you may be able to skip this step entirely.

Employment application accuracy checks

Despite how easy it is to get caught, people still love to lie on their resumes. You should never take for granted that what you see on an application is the whole truth. In contrast, verifying an applicant’s work history allows you to confirm that they have the experience needed to get the job done.

Criminal background checks

You need to know you can trust the people you work with. After all, your business’ success and, more importantly, your employee’s safety depends on this. Performing a criminal background check on all potential employees helps lower the risk of financial loss and workplace violence. It’s important to remember, however, that each case should be evaluated individually, as the existence of a criminal history shouldn’t automatically disqualify a candidate. As with a poor driving record, a particular conviction or allegation may have little to do with the applicant’s workload. In addition, anti-discrimination laws limit how you can use information obtained in a criminal background check.

Credit checks

Why would you trust someone to handle your company’s finances if they can’t control their own? Even if they are not applying for a position involving your company’s money, the ability to make responsible decisions says much about a candidate’s character and seriousness. Though not a mandatory part of every background check, a credit check should be considered in many cases.

Consider your company’s needs

A thorough background check might include any or all of these screening processes. Why should you pay for services you don’t need? At Chane Solutions, we will work with you to craft a unique background screening solution that works for you every time. Contact us today to learn more about our customizable services.

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