By Katie Kulp


Background checks have become such a normal part of the hiring process that they are essentially taken for granted. Every new employee must have a background screening performed as soon as possible  it’s as simple as that. What about returning, seasonal employees, though? Many businesses depend on temporary workers to get them through seasonal rushes, and rehiring the same workers from last year is generally a sound decision. Is it really necessary to perform yet another background check on a worker you already know? If you’re considering skipping the screening for seasonal workers, here are a few points you should consider.

Recent changes in a seasonal employee’s record

Of course, the most obvious reason to repeat a background check on returning employees is to be aware of any recent wrongdoing that might affect their eligibility for the position. Sadly, a lot can change in a person’s life, often very quickly, meaning your previously ideal candidate may now be a liability to your workplace.

Improved screening databases are making background checks better than ever

A reason of equal importance to re-screen returning employees though discussed less, is the chance that significant data may have been missed in the previous background check. If the gravity of this situation isn’t immediately clear, ask yourself what these three things have in common: Virginia Tech; Charleston, South Carolina; and Southerland Springs, Texas. These, of course, are the sites of some of the most prominent mass shootings of the last decade. In all three cases, for reasons ranging from diagnosed mental instability to domestic violence convictions, the shooters should not have been able to pass a background check and buy weapons. Due to incomplete and out of date databases, however, the employer was unable to detect the criminal history and the guns were obtained – with tragic results. That said, databases are updated constantly with new and evolving data. Periodic checks are suggested and necessary.

These examples highlight an ongoing problem faced by businesses: until databases are guaranteed to be up-to-date, it is difficult to establish conclusively that every record has been considered. Fortunately, steps are being taken to ensure better records are kept in some governmental databases. Not only will these new regulations keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of unstable individuals and risky employees out of the workplace, but they ensure that background checks will grow dramatically more accurate and complete with time. For business owners who are interested in preventing theft and workplace violence, repeating background screens on returning employees should be a priority.

Customized solutions

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