By Katie Kulp


For decades, professional background screening has been a staple of the hiring process. As a step towards building trust, few things inspire more confidence than a clean criminal, personal, and financial record. But what about your current employees? Is it ever reasonable to rescreen your current staff members, even those who might have worked at your business for years? Here are a few situations that might give you good reason to perform background screening on your current employees.

Background checks for employees who are being reassigned or promoted

Not every employee will keep the same job assignment throughout their career at your business. In fact, it’s exceedingly common for workers to take on increased responsibilities as they gain experience. If your new hires underwent screening that was streamlined and tailor-made for their original duties (which is a common time and cost-saving measure), the screening process may have overlooked information that is pertinent to their new assignment. Before promoting or reassigning an employee, review their potential workload to determine whether further screening is indicated.

Uncovering new charges

Though it may seem unlikely that a current employee could face serious criminal charges without your knowledge, the potential risks are severe enough to warrant concern. Since severe financial difficulty or criminal activity might cast doubt on an employee’s ability to perform their job, periodic rescreening of your staff could reveal valuable information.

Taking advantage of updated databases

Even the best background screening services depend on accurate record keeping and up-to-date databases. Sadly, state and local regulatory agencies are not always able to keep their records complete and accessible. As large databases – such as the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), for example – become more accurate, it’s possible to perform background screening with greater accuracy than ever. If important evidence has only recently been reported to regulatory agencies, you might catch revealing information that was missed on the initial background check. Though the decision to rescreen should always be considered on a case-by-case basis, this is a powerful incentive to rescreen your staff.

Just like initial background checks, rescreening must be done through the proper channels. To guarantee that your business maintains compliance with applicable regulations without violating your employees trust and privacy, be sure to get expert help. At Chane Solutions, we offer comprehensive and flexible screening solutions that are guaranteed to meet your needs. To learn more about our tailor-made services, contact us today.

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