This month, one of Chane Solutions’ very own employees received special recognition from the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). Katie Kulp, Vice President, was honored as April 2018’s NAPBS Volunteer of the Month.

Katie plays a vital role at Chane Solutions. In addition to her role of overseeing Operations and Compliance, she contributes both to Chane’s blog and to relative industry journals, and she is responsible for much of the insightful and educational information that proves so valuable to our clients. Her passion for background screening and drug testing, however, extends far beyond her “day-to-day” at Chane. As a volunteer for NAPBS, Katie also dedicates immense amounts of time to the industry association’s legislative efforts, working to combat and modify legislation which could negatively impact the industry and employer clients. By Co-Chairing NAPBS’ Government Relations Committee, attending Federal Advocacy Day and co-leading the first upcoming Pennsylvania Advocacy Day, among other activities, Katie’s personal goals are to helping to dramatically improve the background screening industry’s effectiveness and its ability to provide quality screening services to businesses in need. In an industry that depends on policymaker education, accurate and accessible databases and positive legislation, volunteers like Katie are instrumental to our future.

Learn More About Katie in her Interview with NAPBS

My role at NAPBS is: 
Co-Chair of the Government Relations Committee

Why I wanted to volunteer with NAPBS:
By volunteering with NAPBS, I am able to give back to an association that has given me so much over the last ten years. NAPBS has provided me with a priceless industry education and armed me with tools and relationships which have helped me grow in both my personal and professional life. I am proud and happy to dedicate my time to serve our membership… Volunteers are how we propel NAPBS’ mission forward – I am hoping to lead by example.

What I do when not at work:
Nothing makes me happier than spending free time with my three favorite people: My husband, Tim, and my two daughters, Brinley and Gemma.

What I’m reading:
Behind Closed Doors by A. Paris. For the record, I started this book about 6 months ago. Where is all that free time??

Favorite blogs:
No favorite blogs here – the only daily reading I seem to go after is industry news! #nerdalert – I know.

On my desk right now (books, personal items, etc.):
Two Milky Way Darks (priorities), manila folders with paperwork, more Post-its than I’d like to have, a coffee cup with water in it that I haven’t made time to drink – as usual – and pictures of my amazing family surrounding all of these things. (…Thankfully, I don’t see any disputes.)

NAPBS and Chane Solutions – Partners in Excellence

Founded in 2003, NAPBS is a powerful non-profit trade association dedicated to advancing excellence in the screening profession. Chane is an NAPBS Accredited company. By providing industry standards that define excellent screening processes, the association helps guarantee better services for every business that conducts background checks. At Chane Solutions, we are proud to be a productive member of this amazing community. Our comprehensive, flexible, and cost-effective screening services adhere to the exacting standards of the NAPBS, and we guarantee that our services will meet your company’s demands. To learn more about our background screening services, contact us today.

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