By Katie Kulp


The hiring process is one of the most critical procedures in any business. Not only is it a resource intensive process (that often eats up weeks of time and thousands of dollars), but the results directly impact your company’s future success. Unsurprisingly, businesses are constantly looking for ways to streamline and improve the hiring process. What about background screening? Wouldn’t it be faster and cheaper to perform background checks in-house, rather than outsourcing them? Since many managers are used to controlling every other aspect of the hiring process – from crafting job postings to conducting interviews – such an idea is tempting. Regardless, there are compelling reasons to include an outside agency in the process.

Pre-employment screening – Why outsourcing is your best bet

Background screening agencies provide faster results

Though “cutting out the middleman” is often an effective shortcut, accurate background screening requires resources that are not available to your average business. As such, contracting with an external screening company is the fastest method in almost all cases.

More accurate reports

There are a multitude of do-it-yourself options available for background checks, but none can guarantee a level of accuracy that approaches a professional screening company. Without adequate infrastructure and expertise, many databases and records are unreachable, meaning that in-house screening efforts will often miss vital information.

Objective results

Though difficult to measure, the value of fair, objective screening is undeniable. Since interviewers and managers have met and interacted with potential candidates, in-house screening may be unfairly biased because of their opinions and preconceptions of the applicants. In contrast, outsourcing your background checks has been demonstrated to decrease or eliminate such bias.

Guaranteed compliance

Federal, state, and local regulations surrounding background checks and hiring practices are subject to change at any moment. If your company conducts business across state lines, your problems are compounded by the need to comply with multiple guidelines. Since such legal expertise is beyond the scope of most businesses, it is generally best to seek expert guidance for such complex situations.

Protecting your company

Increased accuracy and legal compliance protect your company from threats in every direction. Not only do you have a buffer from accusations of discrimination and biased hiring practices, but you also prevent fraud and the other consequences of making a bad hire. By choosing the most complete and professional method of criminal background screening, you also ensure a safe work environment for your employees.

Chane Solutions has been providing comprehensive screening solutions to businesses across the nation for over a decade. As such, we’re well placed to guide your company as you craft an effective hiring strategy. Our services are fully customizable and guaranteed to meet your unique demands. Contact us today to learn how to get started.

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