By Katie Kulp


With online access to official documents becoming easier than ever before, there’s been an explosion of new background screening providers looking to take advantage of what seems like a simple industry. Though competition fuels growth in any industry, not every player in background screening has shown the dedication to reliability and accuracy as their peers. Fortunately, one watchdog organization is working to guarantee excellence in the industry: the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).

NAPBS’ role in the background screening industry

Founded in 2003, the NAPBS has always been dedicated to ensuring that background screening providers maintain a high standard of service to their clients. Whether screening new hires or conducting a background check on a potential tenant, clients who are resting their financial well-being – and even their personal safety – in the hands of a screening company must be able to trust the results. Thanks to the education and oversight provided by the National Association of Background Screeners, screening agencies are able to provide better service while upholding the core values of the organization:

Integrity and ethics

Since trust is both the foundation and the goal of background screening, accredited screening providers are held to a high professional standard of ethics.

Advancement of knowledge

Training and industry insight provided by the NAPBS helps members provide more effective services to clients like you.


The level of expertise required to maintain compliance in a complex and evolving legal landscape is one of the primary factors that sets NAPBS accredited agencies apart from their others.


NAPBS members receive collaborate insight from their peers that help improve the quality of the entire field. Choosing a NAPBS accredited agency therefore means your provider will be at the forefront of their industry and provide incredible service to you.

Proactive engagement

As contributors to the screening industry, NAPBS members aren’t just dedicated to helping you navigate the wilderness of background checks – they actively shape the field itself. The NAPBS’ efforts to educate policymakers and the volunteer efforts of member companies help guarantee that background checks will continue to become more accurate and effective every day.

As an NAPBS accredited screening agency, we at Chane Solutions are dedicated to upholding these values while helping you make more informed hiring decisions. Our services are completely customizable and are cost-effective for businesses of all sizes. To learn more about our comprehensive screening options, contact us today.


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