By Katie Kulp


What do you look for in a background screening service? At Chane Solutions, we understand that our customers have high standards, which is why we make it our goal to exceed expectations. Though performing high-quality background checks in a timely fashion is our chief concern, it’s our incredible customer service that separates us and makes us proud of our work. Here are the defining characteristics of our customer service model, the reasons why our clients keep coming back.

Chane Solutions’ Customer Service Guarantee

Accurate results

While many companies tout their refund and return policies, we believe that the best product is one you’ll never regret purchasing. As such, our screening results are accurate, ensuring that you can make informed, intelligent hiring decisions.

Personal assistance

Busy professionals don’t have time to be kept on hold or to be waiting hours for an email response. This is why, when our clients send emails to our customer service team, detailed responses are expected in less than an hour and phone calls to our office get you in touch with a live person right away. Additionally, all of Chane Solutions’ customer service representatives are Basic FCRA Certified and rigorously trained, at a minimum. This means they are knowledgeable and have no need to bounce you around from department to department,  ensuring high-quality, personalized service.

Tailor-made background checks

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Since the hiring process is too complex and nuanced for an off-the-shelf service, we customize unique screening packages for each client and every hire. This process guarantees that you will never spend time or resources on services that you don’t need. It also ensures that you perform the ones you do.

Rapid results

When the average job opening takes at least a month to fill (with some taking much longer), every day you can shave off the process makes a difference to your bottom line. We combine automated processes with an expert, human touch to ensure that your results are returned in a flash without sacrificing accuracy.

Cost-effective screening options

We believe that crafting a high-quality hiring process shouldn’t put your entire budget at risk. Because our services are fully customizable – and scalable to your business – you can enjoy top of the line background checks no matter the size and scope of your company. In fact, we promise you that you won’t find a better service at any price.

Trust is the foundation of the background screening industry, and you can trust that your hiring process is in good hands when you contract with Chane Solutions. To learn more about crafting a unique background screening service for your company, contact us today.

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