By Katie Kulp


Are you on the fence about conducting background checks? Have you been trying to conduct your own pre-employment screening with mixed results? If your current process isn’t going as smoothly as you’d hoped, it might be time for a change. Here’s why you should consider joining the 96% of employers who conduct background checks through a screening partner.

The benefits of utilizing a pre-employment screening partner

1. Accuracy and Timeliness

Did you know that when you search public access websites on your own to “background check” a candidate, you are typically not getting complete or accurate data on that candidate? It’s true. Even more dangerous, many areas you might be hoping to search for criminal history have no public access to criminal or civil records at all, which means you essentially are not doing a background check. Professional, third-party Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) have expert researchers in all jurisdictions who know exactly where to go to find records. If you find yourself in the middle of a negligent hiring lawsuit, you want to be able to protect yourself by demonstrating that you utilized professionals to ensure your candidate was not a risk to your company, your employees and your clients.  Additionally, CRAs will most likely perform accurate checks quicker than your company. The average time to fill an open position is over 40 days, and most of that time is spent narrowing the applicant pool down to a few reasonable options. The last thing you want to do is get to the end, send an offer, and then perform an inaccurate background check, making all of the time spent, wasted. Background checks through a third party speed the hiring process and produce accurate results.

Myth: Background checks are time-consuming.

Reality: Background checks take just a few days to complete, which is a fraction of your total time to fill and offset by the benefits of the screening process.

2. Enhanced trust

During an interview, you can get a good feel for a candidate’s personality, knowledge, and skills. You can even evaluate whether they are a good fit for your company culture. In order to truly trust a candidate though, you need a deep dive into their self-proclaimed credentials and qualifications. This means doing more than taking a copy of a diploma from an applicant at face value and, instead, verifying its authenticity with a credible source. Digging deeper into qualifications also means validating employment history data that a candidate provides in a way that truly confirms its accuracy. Based on the amount of money invested in making the right hire, you don’t want to finally bring someone on board just to find out that person does not have the experience he/she says they did.  Third party agencies have well-trained specialists who verify employment and education history and who know a red flag when they see one.

Myth: Pre-employment screening is an optional step.

Reality: Pre-employment screening is the only way to guarantee an accurate picture of potential employees.

3. Expert guidance

When you perform a background check on a candidate using your own devices, how do you know if the information you are getting is good or bad? How do you know if it is complete? How do you know if you can use it? How do you know what else you should be considering before using it in a hiring decision? Although most background screening companies (CRAs) cannot provide true legal advice, a good one will always help point you in the right direction. CRAs understand the law and can provide expert guidance on things to consider when making decisions. It is a comfort and necessity that no company be without.

Myth: A “national background check” done through an online source provides all the data you need.

Reality: There is no true “national background check” out there that will search the entire US in one shot. This database does not exist. (Shocked? Reach out to us for more details.)

4. Cost savings

The hiring process can quickly turn into a deep money pit. With the average cost to hire and train an employee at just over $4,000 (a figure that can turn into tens or hundreds of thousands for managers and executives), you can’t afford many mistakes in this area. By reducing the risk of making a bad hire, get a background check done right the first time. A quality background check could save you thousands of dollars in your budget.

Myth: Background checks are too expensive for small businesses.

Reality: Background screening services can be tailor-made to meet any company’s demands and budget, making them ideal for businesses of all sizes.

Would you like to know more about crafting a background screening service for your business? Chane Solution specializes in customized screening solutions for businesses of all sizes in all industries. To learn how to get started, contact us today.

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