By Katie Kulp


As the business world is regularly reshaped by market forces that didn’t exist just a few years ago, following trends is more important than ever. It’s not enough to just keep up with the trends, however. Your company’s success depends on your ability to modify your approach and understand these newer forces in play. Here, we explain some of the trends that could shape the future of background screening within your organization over the next year.

Trends in background screening – What 2019 will bring

Hiring strategies (and background screening, in particular) are shaped by two major factors: market forces and the legal landscape. Any hiring strategy or background screening policy that you implement must not only be tailored to the current market, but it must be compliant with current laws. Over the next year, both of these factors will require changes to your background screening approach.

A candidate-friendly market will make following background screening steps more important than ever

The current job market favors candidates over employers, and job applicants know it. With unemployment rates low, job applicants feel confident in their negotiating power as well as their rights, making it hard for hiring managers to make quick, mindless decisions. This is not a negative thing…but this new movement, focused on getting ex-offenders back into the workplace, requires more effort than in the past. In such a market, it’s increasingly important to implement strong background checks that uncover an applicant’s real abilities while ensuring you are giving each one a fair chance at gainful employment.

Rolling background checks will become more common

As reports of fraud and electronic data theft become increasingly common, businesses are turning to “rolling background checks” to protect their assets. This continuous, automated re-screening of your candidates and employees helps ensure that no stone is left unturned in your monthly or annual search. By taking advantage of an automated process at any interval you choose, you’re able to maintain a clear picture of your entire staff for the length of employment. In addition, rolling background screening takes advantage of regular updates to national databases to make sure that any past oversights are caught promptly.

Legal compliance will become increasing important (and more complex)

While the FCRA and EEOC have guided the employment screening process for decades, the nuances of these regulations (and their related offshoots) become more complex every year. Recently, US-based businesses have seen major upheavals in ban-the-box movements, for example, and new regulations governing the access and use of criminal history reports are popping up almost daily. In order to remain compliant in an ever-shifting legal landscape, an expert touch is needed.

Since our inception, Chane Solutions has remained dedicated to a singular vision: rapid, accurate, and cost-effective background screening for all. In a complex corporate and legal landscape, providing reliable results while guaranteeing compliant with applicable legislation is a difficult task, but we guarantee you’ll be happy with the results. To learn more about crafting a screening solution for your business, contact us today.

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