By Katie Kulp


As important as an interview is to the hiring process, it can’t tell you everything you need to know about a candidate. In order to fully evaluate their skill level and experience, you need to take a closer look at the applicant’s education and employment history. Though it might seem simple enough to check these references on your own, there are strong reasons for you to outsource your education and employment verification to a professional. Here’s what you should know before you start the process.

The benefits of outsourcing your education and employment verifications

1.      Decreased administrative burden

Though some aspects of background screening are relatively straightforward, employment and education verifications can be logistically complex. Obtaining college transcripts, for example, often requires multiple steps of authorization – you may even need to contact the registrar directly if results are needed urgently. Additionally, verifying employment completely may also involve reaching out to any temp agencies the applicant has worked through. For those unfamiliar with the process, such a task can take up valuable resources that are better spent elsewhere.

2.      Authenticating documents

Due to the simple appearance of education verifications, many companies have developed an “anyone in our office can request a copy of the diploma” attitude toward the process – and even more candidates have taken advantage of the lapse in protocol. In fact, many large businesses have suffered significant embarrassment and financial loss after finding out (much too late) that their CEOs and other high-level executives had lied about their qualifications. Since a diploma or employment reference is easy to fake, it’s best to leave these verifications to professionals who can do a thorough investigation and validate information provided by the applicant, as opposed to taking everything at face value.

3.      Access to online vendors

Professional background screeners partner with online vendors to access nationwide databases, such as Equifax for employment verifications or the National Student Clearing House for education verifications. Use of these resources is a necessity for accurate and complete pre-employment screening since many employers and institutions store their data with these online resources. Though some such services may be accessible to the average business owner, their use requires costly memberships that are impractical to maintain for most employers. In contrast, a professional background screening agency can provide rapid and cheaper access to any necessary reports.

4.      Consolidated records

Collecting complete and accurate background checks is most important, however you do it. But, a plus to utilizing a consumer reporting agency for your screenings means all parts of the background check will end up in one report. Who wants to check multiple places for criminal history, education/employment history, drug testing, and credit? We would not want to do that either. Partnering with a screening agency ensures your records are complete, accurate, and well-organized for easy reference.

At Chane Solutions, we are dedicated to ensuring a successful hiring process by means of thorough background screening. Our services, including education verification, reference checking, criminal history reports, and much more, are completely customizable to meet the unique demands of every hire. To start crafting a cost-effective screening solution for your business, contact us today.

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