By Katie Kulp


Freelancers, temporary staff, contractors… in today’s market, up to 40% of the workforce is made up of such contingent workers. Though their roles vary in every industry, temp workers are guaranteed to form a large part of your company’s staffing strategy, and their importance is only expected to grow as the next generation’s expectations in the workplace evolve. Does your contingent workforce demand the same level of background screening as do your full-time staff members?

The screening dilemma – How to manage your contingent workforce

In general terms, your contingent workforce can be divided into two categories: 1) temporary staff who will only fulfill a short-term contract before moving on, and 2) seasonal workers who return to your business regularly to meet a specific staffing need.

When it comes to screening temporary workers who are unfamiliar to you, the standard benefits of background screening not only still apply, but are especially important. The trust and confidence that you gain in a new hire after a thorough background screening far outweighs the minimal investment in time and resources that is involved.

Where many managers’ opinions begin to differ, however, is when it comes to rescreening those in the second group: seasonal workers who are already familiar to you and your team. Regardless, there is strong and reliable evidence that rescreening these contingent workers provides significant benefits to your company.

·         Catching changes in the employee’s record

Since seasonal workers may only be at your company for a few months out of the year, there’s a lot that can happen in the intervening months. Rescreening these members of your team gives you proof that they are still deserving of your trust and that there is nothing preventing them from working at your facility again.

·         Access to improved databases

As local courts across the nation slowly modernize their recordkeeping systems, repeated background checks are able to catch important records that could have been invisible just months ago.

The security and productivity of your workforce are some of your most valuable assets, and you’re wise to make them a priority. At Chane Solutions, we specialize in crafting tailor-made screening solutions to meet your unique hiring needs. To learn more about our comprehensive, cost-effective services, contact us today.

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