By Katie Kulp


Since their inception, Uber and its competitors have faced criticism regarding the security of their services. With their clients’ personal safety on the line, it was clear that measures were needed to put minds at ease; but how? After the recent announcement that Uber would institute continuous background checks, many other business owners are wondering if continuous screening has a positive impact on their security. What is continuous background screening, and is it right for your company?

The basics of continuous background checks

Traditional background checks are a fundamental part of the hiring process that helps business owners make smarter hiring decisions while keeping their clients safe from fraud, negligence, and other dangers. Despite its important role adding stability to the market, however, traditional background screening is limited in its scope.

Most significantly, pre-employment background screening is limited by its timing: before hiring. Since job seekers are aware that they will be under close scrutiny, it is relatively easy to keep their affairs in order during this process, putting their best foot forward, so to speak. In addition, making your background checks a one-time event fails to account for the continuous improvements that are being made to national databases. As local courts continue to improve the accessibility of their records, repeated screening may reveal information about your employees that was previously hidden. Since continuous screening provides nearly real-time updates to important records, you can feel confident that your employees remain qualified for the positions that they hold.

In Uber’s case, the importance of continuous background screening was highlighted by the need to maintain a high standard of trust and integrity among their drivers. For both ride-sharing services and businesses in other sectors, continuous screening ensures that seasonal and permanent employees continue to meet their employer’s expectations long after they are hired.

Is it right for you?

Despite obvious advantages in many areas, continuous background checks aren’t a magic bullet to fix your hiring woes. As with any other employment practice, a thorough cost/benefit analysis will help you determine when and how to implement the policy, with privacy and compliance regulations being among your chief concerns.

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