By Katie Kulp


If your goal is to hire the very best employees that can help your organization grow and prosper, the importance of background checks should not be overlooked. By conducting background checks on every individual you are interested in hiring, you can ensure that job candidates are who they say they are.


Think about it. It would be a shame to hire someone thinking they have years of experience in marketing and later find out that they exaggerated on their resume and are actually an entry-level employee with only internship experience. Performing background checks before finalizing hiring decisions can help you avoid this scenario.


Let’s take a closer look at why our team at Chane Solutions believes background checks can help you hire the ideal employees.


Increase in Applicant Quality

Once you get the word out that you’re conducting background checks, you may notice an improvement in the quality of your applicants. You’ll be able to discourage candidates from lying on their applications, increase applications from candidates who value working in a safe environment, and notice fewer applications with notable discrepancies.


Reduce Workplace Violence

Unfortunately, workplace violence continues to be a serious problem. Since you have a legal obligation to provide your employees with a workplace that promotes safety, it only makes sense for you to hire individuals with clean criminal records. Hiring an employee with a background of theft and drug abuse can cause a great deal of harm and create a hostile, uncomfortable work environment.


Minimize Dishonesty

The reality is that many employees are dishonest. They may make you believe they are someone they are not. If this occurs, your organization may suffer from decreased productivity, a damaged reputation, and negative employee morale.


Reduce Employee Turnover

High employee turnover can cost your organization time and money while compromising its reputation. By performing background checks and hiring quality employees, you can reduce employee turnover and enjoy a more productive environment and retain quality employees.


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