By Katie Kulp


The gig economy refers to an environment where short-term projects, temporary contracts, and independent contracting is common. A gig usually represents a small portion of an individual’s income. An individual participating in the gig economy is likely to have a variety of gigs that allow them to make as much or more money as they would working a full-time job.


In most cases, gigs are appealing to individuals because of the flexibility they allow. Gig workers can enjoy more control of their work schedules and only accept the gigs that don’t get in the way of other commitments they have. Gigs can also allow full-time employees to supplement their income by working during the evenings/and or weekends.


If you are an employer who hires for gigs, proper screening is essential. Even if you’re not hiring someone as a permanent, full-time employee, you want to ensure that they represent your organization is the best possible way and provide you with the quality work you deserve. In addition, screening can prevent criminal activity in your workplace and keep your other employees and customers safe.


Believe it or not, some states have already reinforced screening for gig workers. For example, Massachusetts proposed a bill to require Uber and Lyft drivers to undergo a comprehensive Criminal Offender Record Information background check.


Since hiring for gigs is typically a quick process, it is in your best interest to find a screening provider that can perform background screening fast. Fortunately, Chane Solutions works with many employers that hire gig workers and can help your organization adapt to the ever-evolving gig economy.


You can count on us to screen your gig workers at a lightning fast speed so that you can make the ideal hiring decisions in no time.  Whether you hire gig workers every once in a while or on a regular basis, we are an invaluable resource.


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