By Katie Kulp


If your goal is to make well-informed hires, grow your company, and reduce the risk of potential problems down the road, using a reputable background company such as Chane Solutions is important. By taking advantage of professional background check services from us, you can minimize the likelihood of running into the high expenses and hassle that come with being caught in a CRA action lawsuit.


Employers must use reasonable care when hiring anyone who may present a threat to the public. If you hire an employee who engages in workplace violence, theft, or another issue, you may put yourself at risk for a negligent hiring lawsuit. To prevent this situation altogether, it’s well worth your time and money to perform a pre-employment background check on each employee you consider hiring.


A background check can give you an idea of a candidate’s criminal history and what type of person they are. Without performing a background check, it will be difficult to feel confident about your hiring decisions. While someone may seem like a great candidate on paper and after you’ve talked to them a few times, they may also end up being the reason your company faces costly litigation if not properly vetted.


A reputable background company such as Chane Solutions can provide previous employment verifications and comprehensive criminal record checks to ensure you are taking reasonable care in your hiring process. There is no reason to compromise the safety and security of your business, employees, and clients when you can use our background check services to make the very best hiring decisions.


While background checks are an essential tool in all industries, education, healthcare, and government are a few examples of the industries where background checks are mandatory. If you hire employees without performing a due diligence background check, you could find yourself in hot water. Why put yourself in this position when you can easily protect yourself with some help from a reputable background company?


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