By Katie Kulp


How Record Low Unemployment is Affecting the Hiring of Those With Criminal Records

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in the United States is currently at 4 percent – not far from the lowest it has ever been since 1969.


During the Great Recession, over ten years ago, this number was much higher. The labor market was loaded with unemployed, overqualified workers searching for jobs, and businesses could eliminate low-skill positions and increase the skill requirements for the jobs they did decide to keep. But not anymore.


Now that the unemployment rate has stayed around 4 percent, companies are in position where their candidate pool is much smaller and they are forced to consider less-than-desirable applicants. Some of these applicants may not only lack the necessary experience and skill, but often have a criminal history. Additionally, the days of automatically disqualifying ex-offenders are long gone, so it is more important than ever for businesses to focus on finding a balance between a candidate’s criminal history and their true talents and potential.


In support of the argument to hire ex-offenders, hiring those with criminal records can be a positive decision. This practice is particularly common in the IT and manufacturing industries. Employers are more likely to consider ex-offenders if they are being sponsored by an organization that is intended to help train and coach individuals with criminal backgrounds.


You may also be surprised to learn that Goodwill Industries discovered that retention for employees with criminal records is 12 percent higher than those with clean records. This can be attributed to the fact that ex-offenders understand they may have a difficult time finding another job.


Other organizations realize that being open to hiring those with criminal backgrounds expands their pool of applicants significantly. After all, 70 million Americans have criminal records. If you close the door on every criminal applicant, you may be missing out on some great talent.


Now, this doesn’t mean every (or any) criminal record located during a background check should be overlooked (due diligence and smart hiring decisions are a must) but having an open mind and modernized, fair hiring policies could lead to much greater company success (and less litigation).


If your company is considering hiring an applicant who has a criminal history, take advantage of our services and use us as a resource to provide you with the information you need to make an informed hiring decision.


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