By Katie Kulp


Today, there are many background screening companies on the market. However, they all operate differently. While some are transparent when conducting their processes, others are not. The reality is that in order for a background screening company to offer quality services and provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions, they must be transparent. Keep reading to find out why.


The greatest benefit of transparent background screenings is they provide applicants with a platform that allows them to view and have an input on their screening results. You may be wondering, “Why should I allow job candidates to participate in their own screening process?” The answer to this question can be summed up in two words: greater accuracy.


For instance, imagine we called a candidate’s references and one of them spoke poorly about their work ethic. They may be giving a poor reference for reasons that are unfair. However, you would never know this unless you allowed your applicants to offer their personal input. You may miss out on a great employee for unfair reasons if you don’t involve candidates in the screening process.


Transparency is also vital when performing criminal background checks. While you want to hire workers that ensure a safe environment, you may also find a criminal background may be irrelevant to the way a candidate performs on the job.


By giving a candidate with a criminal background the opportunity to explain their side of the story, you can assess them fairly and determine whether their background will interfere with their ability to perform well and create a positive work environment. Although it may be easier to leave candidates out of the background screening process, doing so may cost you.


That’s why it’s essential to find a background screening provider like Chane Solutions that prides itself on transparency and candidate involvement. Since even the most accurate background checks lack content, the importance of transparency should not be overlooked.


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