By Katie Kulp


In the past, employers would perform background checks on new hires and hire them if everything checked out okay. Recently, however, more and more employers have implemented continuous monitoring. What is continuous monitoring as it relates to the background check industry? Continuous monitoring provides employers with real-time alerts of relevant activities related to their employee’s crimes, motor vehicle violations, and licensing changes.


Why is continuous monitoring an emerging trend among many employers today? It helps employers promote a safe workplace and reduces the risk of threats to employees and clients. Think about it. Just because you hire someone with a clean record, doesn’t mean they will continue to have a clean record for the entire time they are employed with you.


Unfortunately, things happen and they may be convicted of a crime, get a DUI, or lose their professional license. As an employer, you may want to know about these events as it can help you predict potential threats and ensure a safer work environment. By making it known that your organization performs continuous monitoring, you may even motivate your employees to practice safe behaviors.


Here at Chane Solutions, we are pleased to offer continuous monitoring services. You can count on us to provide you with ongoing updates about your employees. Implementing continuous monitoring has the potential to save your employees and your business. For instance, if an employee is struggling financially and steals thousands of dollars from your organization, you may not know this unless you get an alert that she filed for bankruptcy and talk to her.


Continuous monitoring may also be important for your organization if you provide services to schools, churches, nursing homes, Military bases, and other sensitive areas or people. You may find out that after hiring an employee or contractor, they engaged in sexual assault and may no longer want them around children or seniors.


Just like your organization changes, your employees change as well. Employees may get into trouble and become safety hazards. Continuous monitoring can make you aware of these safety hazards before they cause any harm.

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