By Kristen Wakulchuk


Continuous background checks are more popular today than ever before. They give companies the chance to screen current employees on a periodic basis so they can learn about criminal activities that may have occurred weeks, months or even years after they’ve been hired.

If you haven’t jumped on the automated re-screening background check bandwagon yet, you may be wondering whether you should. Here are some questions that can help you determine the answer to this question:


Is reputation important to you?

If one (or a few) of your employees are engaging in criminal activities, their behaviors could damage your company’s reputation. Depending on the severity of the criminal activities, customers could lose trust in you. For example, if customers find out one of your employees has a track record of sexual abuse, they may become concerned and turn to one of your competitors.

Are continuous background checks important in your industry?

You should be familiar with local or state laws that indicate how frequently employees in your industry must undergo background checks. If your company works with children, for instance, you may need to screen your employees more often than companies in other industries. The nature of your company and industry will indicate whether or not continuous background checks make sense.

How long do your employees typically stay with you?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the typical employee in America stays at a company for a little over four years. If you have employees that have been loyal to your organization for multiple years yet you only performed a background check on them during their hiring process, you may be compromising your safety and security by not re-screening them.

Do continuous background checks fit in your budget?

If you’re a new startup, you may have less money to dedicate to background checks than a Fortune 500 company that’s been around for years. Find out the cost of continuous background checks and determine whether they work with your budget and will be worth the investment.

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