By Kristen Wakulchuk


After you find the perfect candidate, your goal should be to hire them as soon as possible. Here’s why: If you keep them waiting too long, they may lose interest or find another job. Since you don’t want to hire anyone until you’ve received their background check, the question becomes, “what are the turnaround times for background checks?” There is no hard answer as turnaround times for background checks depend on the following factors.


Services Ordered

Most background check providers offer a variety of services. The type and number of services you request for your candidates will play a vital role in how long background checks take. For example, you can expect a shorter turnaround time if you request a drug screening than if you opt for a criminal history search, reference checks, credit report, and physical exam.


Speed of Educational Institutions 

If you’d like a background check provider to verify the education of your candidates, understand that turnaround time will depend on how quickly their high school, college, or other educational institution confirms or denies their diploma, degree, certificate, etc. In a perfect world, we’d be able to confirm your candidates’ education right away, but this isn’t always possible.


The Jurisdiction Itself

Criminal background checks depend on a jurisdiction to get back to them with the appropriate results. The reality is that some jurisdictions simply take longer to do so than others. This is especially true if the jurisdiction requires a clerk to manually search records.


How to Speed Up the Process

While you may not have control over how long the background check takes, there are some things you can encourage your candidates to do to help expedite the process. Ask them to gather relevant information related to their degrees, former addresses, etc.

Also, warn them that the background check company may contact them for assistance. If they can’t reach a reference or a former employer, they may ask them to provide alternative contact information or old paystubs.


Contact Chane Solutions

Since fast turnaround times are important in your recruiting efforts, it’s important to partner with a reputable background check company like Chane Solutions that has a track record of delivering fast results without compromising quality.

For more information on turnaround times, contact Chane Solutions, a quality employment screening and drug testing provider today.



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