By Kristen Wakulchuk


As a job candidate, it’s important to arrive early for an interview. By showing up late, an employer may think that you don’t value the time of others or pay attention to important details. Arriving for an interview at least 10 to 15 minutes early can show that you are punctual and leave a great first impression. It can also give you some time to relax before the interview begins.


Show That You Respect the Time of Your Candidates 

Let’s flip the situation around for a moment. What if you’re the employer? Is it also important to arrive early to an interview? Absolutely! Why should you expect your candidates to respect your time if you don’t respect theirs?


Give Yourself Time to Review Candidate Information

By arriving early as the employer, you can show the job candidate that your company cares about its employees and values efficiency. Arriving early can also give you the chance to review the candidate’s resume and/or application one last time so that you are familiar with them before the interview even begins. It can also afford the opportunity to reread your interview questions and the job description.


Inform the Employee If You’re Running Late

In the event you have back to back interviews and simply don’t have a way of arriving early, make sure you’re on time. If you’re running late, inform another employee so they can update the job candidate that may already be at the office waiting for the interview to begin.

Being punctual as an employer does not only apply to in-person interviews. If you are interviewing a candidate via the phone or video conference, it’s essential to be on time as well.

You should also notify them via email if an emergency comes up or you’re going to be late for any other reason. If you’re going to be more than 20 minutes late, it may make sense to reschedule the interview for a different time.


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