By Kristen Wakulchuk


The tragic story of what should have been a routine appliance delivery underlines the importance of completing thorough background checks on all of your employees. You need to take due diligence a step further and ensure that any companies with which you partner or subcontract, do the same.


A Worst-Case Scenario for Best Buy

As reported in September by ABC affiliate Local 10, Palm Beach County, Florida, 75-year-old Evelyn Smith Udell was fatally beaten and burned by a 21-year-old man who came to her home to deliver her new washer and dryer from Best Buy. Jorge Lachazo – who was employed by one of two third-party firms hired by Best Buy to provide and install their products – beat Evelyn with a mallet and then doused her with a chemical he found in her house and set her on fire.

Evelyn’s family sued Best Buy, along with the affiliate companies, for her wrongful death. Their lawsuit claimed that the big-box retailer “did nothing” to warn her that the delivery job had been delegated to a third-party company that Best Buy likewise “did nothing to investigate, supervise or oversee.” Instead, the retailer accepted the workers “as employees of Best Buy.”


More on Background Checks

Wow. No one – no individual, no family, and no business – should experience anything even close to such a horror. So, be sure you don’t cut corners when it comes to candidate and employee background checks. They help ensure that you make informed hiring and placement decisions, retain the most qualified people and mitigate any risk that may result from selecting the wrong candidate. They also play a significant role in keeping your company compliant with employment laws and regulations.

As noted by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), workplace violence, fraud, embezzlement, and theft are not only devastating to your company but also are a multi-billion dollar drain on the national and global economy.Additionally, we live in an electronic world where publicity spreads in real-time – especially if it’s negative. The first question posed by media in the workplace and customer violence situations is whether or not proper background checks were completed on any involved individuals. The wrong answer can be a death knell for a company.


Looking to Create a Safe Workplace?

You owe it to your employees, your customers, and the public to comply with FTC and other regulations and complete background checks without exception. For more information, contact Chane Solutions, a quality provider of employment screening and drug testing services, today.



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