By Kristen Wakulchuk


Let’s be honest; interviewing for a job can be stressful. You’re forced to put yourself out there and leave a great first impression on people you just met. As an employer, there are things you can do to get candidates to open up and feel more relaxed during a job interview. Here at Chane Solutions, we recommend the following tips. 


Offer a Drink 

By offering a drink to your candidates, you can show you respect them and help them ease into the process. A sip of water may be just what they need to calm their nerves and start the interview off on the right foot. 


Choose the Right Location 

A candidate is far more likely to be themselves if the interview is held in a comfortable location. Skip the boardroom with bright lights and try to find a spot with couches, colorful walls, and avoid harsh lighting. Also, make sure the room isn’t too hot or too cold. You don’t want the candidate sweating or shivering during the interview.  



While it may seem obvious, a smile can make all the difference in the interview success of a candidate. If your candidate notices you’re friendly and in a good mood, they’re far more likely to feel comfortable and confident during the interview process. Nobody wants to be interviewed by someone who appears upset or intimidating. 


Introduce the Company 

Rather than diving right into your interview questions, take the time to introduce yourself as well as the company and position. A lighter conversation right off the bat will make it easier for the candidate to open up as you begin to ask them questions. 


Ask Relevant Questions 

Make sure the interview questions you ask are relevant to the positions you are interviewing for. For example, if you are hiring for a marketing role, it doesn’t make sense to ask a candidate about their accounting experience. This may confuse and discourage them.  


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