By Kristen Wakulchuk


These days, just about everyone is on social media. Whether a person has an account on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or another platform, it can be easy to learn about them by simply viewing their social media profile.  

However, be careful when using social media as your background check tool, as it can lead to several legal issues. Below, we’ll discuss some of the drawbacks of relying on various social media profiles to evaluate job candidates. 


A Candidate May Claim You Discriminated Against Them 

When you check out a candidate’s social media profile, you can easily uncover what their race, gender, age or religion is. If you don’t hire them after browsing their Facebook or another account, they may claim you discriminated against them because you saw their race, gender, age or religion online.  


You May Be Evaluating the Wrong Profiles 

If you use social media to screen your job candidates, how will you know you are evaluating the right person? You may be looking at someone’s Facebook profile that has the same name as your job candidate but is actually an entirely different person. This can be very likely if your job candidate has a common name. 


Consistency Can Be a Challenge 

Every job candidate has a different web presence. While one may have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn account, another may not be on social media at all. The inconsistency of social media profiles makes it difficult to fairly compare candidates. Things get even more tricky when you consider the fact that candidates have different privacy settings and may use fake names or aliases. 


Can a Background Screening Firm Help? 

While you can ask a background screening firm to perform a social media check and create a report on your candidate’s online identity, you should realize they must adhere to the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). It may be difficult for them to perform this service, because it can be essentially impossible in many cases to determine whether all of the online information they uncover is accurate or belongs to the candidate.  

Contact Chane Solutions  

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