By Kristen Wakulchuk


As outstanding as a candidate may look on paper – and even in person – you can’t just accept them at face value. It’s your responsibility as an employer to reach a full understanding of their abilities, integrity, and employment potential. This must be undertaken with full respect for the privacy of each individual, as well as compliance with all relevant laws. Last but not least, it’s up to you to protect the safety of your current employees and the integrity of your organization – and yourself.  

Here’s where the need for an industry-leading background screening company comes into play. You need a screening partner that can ensure complete confidence in every hire. Chane Solutions fills the bill by standing apart in areas that matter the most to your business: industry expertise, customer service, client education, and technical knowledge. 

Chane is a leader in the global background screening industry.

The Chane Solutions team offers decades of experience and knowledge, including staying abreast of changing developments and mastering all the nuances of the background screening process.  

Katie Kulp, Chane’s Vice President of Operations and Compliance, was elected in 2019 to the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) Board of Directors. PBSA is recognized globally as the premier source of screening industry standards and best practices. Katie has been in the background screening industry since 2006 and actively involved with PBSA for more than a decade, including service as Co-Chair of the association’s Government Relations Committee.

Customer service comes first.

Thanks to a vast network of carefully vetted partners and a staff of highly qualified researchers, Chane delivers reliable, accurate results to clients in a timely manner.    

Every background check undergoes a thorough quality control audit. Each component of every report is evaluated for accuracy and completeness.  


It’s all about educating clients and keeping them compliant.

It’s tough to stay abreast of all the news and developments related to your business. Your background screening company should be able to help meet this need while providing expert guidance and best practices to keep you compliant throughout your hiring process.  

Chane regularly updates its clients on industry news to help safeguard their business. This includes familiarizing them and mitigating their risk in areas including FCRA compliance, pre-adverse, and adverse action, disclosure/authorization forms, and Ban the Box. Every Chane customer service employee boasts a minimum of basic FCRA certification. 

Check out ChaneCheck.

Technology doesn’t stand still in any industry, and background screening is no exception. Unique to clients of Chane Solutions is ChaneCheck, a web-based platform to help streamline options for both clients and candidates. And of course, there’s a mobile app, too.  

    • ChaneCheck offers multiple ordering options to simplify the hiring process. Reports can be ordered via email, fax, client entry, applicant entry, or through an applicant tracking system (ATS).  
    • Each step in the background check process is electronically documented. Notes monitor the sending of reports, adverse action requirements, decisions made, and other vital elements.  
    • Clients have access to Chane’s extensive resource library. This includes webinars and other online resources and training materials.  


To learn more about Chane Solutions and what we can do for your company, read our related posts or contact us today. 

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