By Kristen Wakulchuk


“Truth builds trust.”  

Speaking of truth – truer words were never spoken, in this case, by motivational and customer service expert Marilyn Suttle. And, nowhere is trust more important than in your relationships with job candidates and employees. So, it may shock you to hear that up to 85 percent of job seekers lie on their resumes – or at the very least, embellish information to support their case.  

  • CNBC recently found that 75 percent of HR managers spotted resume inaccuracies. This conclusion is based on a study of 2,500 U.S. employers across multiple industries and company sizes.  
  • In yet another study, Monster found that 78 percent of applicants had lied about information ranging from their mastery of job-related skills and experience to time spent in previous positions, college degrees, and more.  

The Value of Background Checks  

How can you ensure the highest degree of honesty in prospective employees? It all boils down to avoiding a potentially costly hiring mistake, which can hurt your company on many levels.  

The solution lies in robust background checks, which verify information provided by candidates and reveal anything of importance that may have been either mistakenly or omitted. If you fail to accurately investigate the background of someone you hire for a risk-sensitive position, you may be liable for negligence if the employee is later involved in misconduct or illegal activities. In worst-case scenarios, punitive damages can run into millions of dollars. Background checks help ensure that you:  

  • Provide a safe workplace for your employees, customers, vendors, business partners, and visitors.  
  • Hire the most qualified talent to help grow – not hurt – your business and its reputation.  
  • Minimize exposure from employee liability by practicing due diligence in your hiring process.  
  • Encourage ongoing honesty in your application and interview process.  
  • Discourage candidates who have something to hide.  

Let Chane Solutions Be Your Trusted Source. 

Chane Solutions is a nationwide leader in employment background screening and drug testing. Our success is the result of customized business solutions, continuous client feedback, technical prowess, and the passion for offering best practices. Contact us today so we can tell you more. 

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