By Kristen Wakulchuk


Every time you bring a new hire on board, you make a significant investment in your business. It’s an overwhelming responsibility. You may be pressed for time and anxious to fill an open position “yesterday” – especially if the vacancy is the result of a sudden, unexpected resignation. But you can’t make a final hiring decision based on incomplete, inaccurate, or insufficient information. 

That’s where the importance of thorough, accurate pre-employment screening comes into play. It may be tempting to skip this hiring step, but keep in mind that it can be one of the most sure and objective ways to predict future job performance and safeguard your company 

  • Pre-employment screening has taken on even greater significance this year, as you may not be able to meet prospective hires in person until circumstances around the Covid-19 pandemic normalize. 

Why Can’t I Just Do it Myself?

At first blush, you may think the most economical way to conduct pre-employment screenings would be to have your in-house staff handle them. Many HR budgets, already tightly strapped, have been further pummeled during the pandemic, depending on your specific industry and situation. But again, you may not see the forest – or potential forest fire – through the trees if you cut corners on pre-employment screening. 

By outsourcing, you can achieve continuous improvement in: 


Effective background screening requires resources not readily available to most businesses. While there are do-it-yourself options out there, they do not ensure the level of accuracy or reliability that a professional screening company can. You need their infrastructure and level of expertise, including their access to a full spectrum of data, records, and other necessary tools to ensure ongoing success. 


Whether it was online or face to face, your managers and other interviewers have met and interacted with job candidates. As a result, an unfair level of bias may have developed, even if it was not intentional. Outsourcing pre-employment screening helps eliminate this problem. 


You can’t afford to not remain compliant with ever-changing local, regional, state, and federal employment laws and regulations – including those that currently apply to business operations during a pandemic. There’s an added layer of challenge if your company conducts business in or employs people from multiple states or regions. 


You’ll sleep better at night knowing that your company and its stakeholders are safe and secure, thanks in large part to proper pre-employment screening. Drastic and even fatal case histories abound of workplace tragedies spurred by unwell, unstable, or untrustworthy employees who were not who they appeared to be upon hire. 


In addition to avoiding the myriad costs of a mis-hire, the right pre-employment screening process protects you from any accusations of discrimination. You’ll see an upward trend of improvement in quality of applicants, as word gets out that you mean business when it comes to screening. As an added plus, your employer brand and reputation within your industry will be enhanced as you’ll be known for hiring only the highest caliber of people. 

Partner With the Leader in Background Screening!

Chane Solutions is a recognized national leader in pre-employment screening and drug testing. To develop or modify your screening process for optimal results, let us collaborate with you to develop a best-in-class approach, starting now. Contact us today to learn more. 

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