By Kristen Wakulchuk


Billionaire business mogul Warren Buffett had this to say about the importance of hiring candidates who show integrity: “Somebody once said that in looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if you don’t have the first, the other two will kill you. You think about it; it’s true. If you hire somebody without integrity, you really want them to be dumb and lazy.” 

He’s not discounting intelligence or energy, of course. But, he considers integrity non-negotiable. As Inc. defines it, integrity “is what makes it hard to question a person’s decisions … a person with integrity eventually becomes a role model who commands respect and exercises great influence. These are the types of leaders people desire and whom you want to promote to management roles.” 

Who wouldn’t want someone like that on their team? 

How to Hire for Integrity 

When you interview candidates, here are a few tips to gauge integrity: 

  • Plan your questions strategically so you can target the ethical standards most important to you. For example, ask about an ethical dilemma a person has been faced with and how they resolved it. Consider giving them a scenario and ask how they would react. For instance, ask, “What would you do if you saw another employee repeatedly leaving work early when they were still on the clock?” 
  • Listen to how they praise – or blame – others. Ask your candidate to talk about a time when they achieved something and are proud. How much credit do they give others? Or, ask about a time when they tried their hardest, yet failed, and listen to how they assess their own responsibility in that instance. 

Find Customized Background Screening Service

A thorough background check is an excellent preemptive measure to ensure the integrity of your organization and the safety of your people. At the most basic level, background checks determine if the information provided by a candidate is true and accurate. Above and beyond that, they help paint a more comprehensive picture of a potential hire, well beyond what you read on a resume or glean from interviewing. 

Consider a background screening partner who ensures you can have confidence in every hire. Chane Solutions has built long-term, solid relationships with researchers and vendors nationwide so that we can provide individually customized solutions for each one of our clients. Our services include: 

  • Social Security Number tracing and address verification, 
  • Criminal history searches,
  • Professional verifications and reference checks, 
  • Civil service reports, 
  • Credit reports, 
  • Motor vehicle record (MVR) reports, 
  • Level 3 medical exclusions, 
  • Global searches for terrorist, medical and financial exclusions, 
  • Electronic I-9 requirements, 
  • E-verifications for eligibility to work in the U.S, 
  • Physical exams, and 
  • 5 and 10-panel drug screenings. 

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