By Kristen Wakulchuk


The inevitable has happened: one of your best employees has given their two-weeks’ notice to accept another job.  

It happens (hopefully, not very often), and when it does, you need to quickly fire up your recruitment process and find a replacement. This can be highly stressful, to say the least. In the interest of not letting a business-critical position sit open, you may be tempted to hit the panic button and shortcut through the various stages of hiring, including background checks. Because you may be thinking, “Wow. In addition to everything else we have to do to fill this role, how long will that take?”  

Striking a Balance  

It’s critical that you’re thorough when evaluating job applicants, but you’re also painfully aware that the longer you deliberate, the higher the chance you may lose a desired candidate to a competitor. It’s like walking a hiring tightrope; you need the right balance, or the end result could be a disaster.  

  • The best candidates can be off the market in 10 business days, so quick, agile hiring is necessary. Efficient hiring also results in a better candidate experience and can enhance your employer brand image. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, a bad hire can cost up to 30 percent of an employee’s first-year earnings. So you can’t afford to cut corners. And if that mis-hire results in something like theft, fraud, or violence, the cost goes way beyond dollars and cents.  
  • Background checks verify critical information and provide details that may determine whether a new hire would be a good fit for your organization. This may include checking an individual’s identity, criminal activity, employment or educational history, professional licenses and certifications, motor vehicle records, and more.  

Companies that forego background checks open themselves to potentially devastating risk. When a new employee hasn’t been properly vetted, you are basically welcoming a stranger into your business.  

Partner With the Best!

At Chane Solutions, we’re known nationwide for both speed and accuracy in background checking. We realize that all your positions are business-critical, as is the need to hire efficiently and effectively while safeguarding your people and staying 100 percent compliant. We offer a comprehensive range of background screening and drug testing services – and we can customize a solution to meet your unique company needs.   

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