By Kristen Wakulchuk


Time to hire – how long it takes you to select and hire the best candidate for a role – is one of your most important recruiting metrics. Equally critical are your cost per hire and quality of hire. They’re like the three legs of a stool: if even one of them weakens, the whole structure can collapse.  

As you balance these three metrics, it may be tempting to compromise on specific steps: namely, background checks or drug screenings. If you’re smart – and you are – you know deep down that this would be a potentially devastating mistake. But, how can you keep your hiring process timely and cost-efficient without sacrificing quality or risking a compliance shortfall?  

Check Out ChaneCheck  

To help ensure confidence in every hire, Chane Solutions offers a unique, web-based platform with a scalable infrastructure, so all your background screening and drug testing services can be ordered and processed in a single central location. It’s called ChaneCheck, and its features include:  

  • Multiple ordering options: Reports may be requested via client entry, applicant entry, or through your applicant tracking system.  
  • Electronic Process Tracking: Using ChaneCheck, you can keep notes to monitor each step in your screening process, including the sending of reports, adverse action requirements, and any decisions that have been made.  

At the same time, overall candidate experiences are enhanced, as you can invite potential hires to enter their own data through a simple, mobile-friendly input process. This includes the ability to electronically sign consent forms.  

Don’t let your background or drug screening provider encumber your efficient hiring process or leave job candidates with a bad taste in their mouth. Since 2006, Chane Solutions has earned a nationwide reputation as a trusted source for meeting these needs.   

Partner With the Best!

Along with ChaneCheck, a sample of our services includes Social Security traces, address verifications, criminal history searches, professional verification, and reference checks, credit reports, medical exclusions, international checks, drug screening and occupational health services and more. Our customers receive the fastest and most accurate reports possible, while still remaining fully compliant. Contact us today for more information.