By Mike Wiley



Background checks are ubiquitous today. They also can create some big headaches for human resource (HR) departments. Candidates may not give them all the information they need, and there’s a lot of back-and-forth. 

Then, finally, when they think they have all the information, the hiring company gives that information to a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA). The CRA finds that there’s information still missing and the round of phone calls and emails begins again for HR.

This is inefficient at best. At worst, companies can lose the best candidates because they become frustrated or they are snatched up by another company while you’re still waiting for their background check to come back.

Or, someone considered the perfect candidate might not be that at all. And then there are FRCA compliance issues. All of this adds up to one big headache for HR.

Things don’t have to be this way. Here’s why.

Direct CRA Contact is Fast and Efficient

As outlined above, the entire process can take weeks. But it should only take a few days at the most (with some exceptions).

At Chane Solutions, we believe that dealing directly with your job candidates is faster, easier and more efficient. When it comes to background checks, HR simply serves as a middleman, and it’s our job to reduce their workload.

An efficient onboarding process and procedure is critical. And background checks are what we do all day, every day. When job candidates deal directly with us, they’re faster, easier and we handle all the back-and-forth. 

A candidate may send an email to HR with pertinent information. That person is in a meeting, out that day or even on vacation. That creates a lag time of hours or even days. 

There are Nuances HR Might Miss

Candidates don’t intend to send inaccurate information, but it almost always happens.

And there are nuances that HR might not think about, but we will.

For example:

The candidate gets an email inviting them to fill out their information for a background check. Then, if we need additional documentation, it’s asked for.

Let’s say someone says they worked for Xerox. But they worked there through a staffing agency, so if we contact Xerox, they aren’t going to have any record of that candidate. HR might assume they lied on their resume and toss their application aside. This can mean losing a great employee.

Chane Solutions would simply contact them and discuss the issue. At that point, the candidate would tell us, “Oh, I was working through X temp agency.” This is an important piece of the equation. And that’s what we’re good at – drilling down until we get the information we need. 

Drug Testing

If your company requires drug testing, HR will let them know which drug tests are required, but candidates are usually left on their own to find a lab. And who pays for it? And how?

With our automated system, the candidate would simply log in, choose a lab and our platform would show them how far it is from their home. Then it would take them to a screen where they can choose a day and time.

Armed with an auto-generated email, they can walk into the lab, a code is scanned, and the lab knows exactly which tests to run, who to bill, and how to bill.

And what if there’s a question about a drug test? Maybe the candidate is taking a prescription drug that gives a false reading. We will have a detailed conversation with the medical review officer about the specific things that they identify, and then if there’s an issue, the medical review officer will give us that data and we’ll put it in the report. This ensures you don’t lose the best candidate over what proves to be a non-issue.

The Key to Improving Background Check Turnaround

Now that we’ve outlined the reasons we should deal directly with job candidates, here’s the best way to get started to get accurate background checks at lightning speed:

  • Make sure your candidate knows to expect to hear from a background screening company
  • We’ll work with you on customizing applicant email communication and you have final approval. 
  • We’ll not only send an email, we’ll notify them by text. Some people don’t check their email often, or emails can get lost in their inbox or sent to spam. It’s hard to ignore a text.
  • The information we’re sent is integrated, so a candidate only has to enter information once – this cuts out a great deal of human error. 

Background checks are essential today. They help ensure sound hiring decisions and protect your company from a number of potential risks. They are also a reliable way of verifying any claims made by candidates during the hiring process.  

Put your candidates in direct contact with Chane Solutions to increase efficiency and reduce the turnaround time of background checks while letting HR manage your current human resources.

A Complete Guide to Getting Faster Background Checks

If you feel your background checks are taking too long, a knowledgeable, experienced screening firm can help you understand why. At Chane Solutions, we would be happy to discuss turnaround time with you. We often work with our clients to tighten up the background screening process from both ends. Contact us here.

In the meantime, for more tips on achieving faster background checks, access our free guide, “Improving Turnaround Times on Background Checks: Challenges, Opportunities, and Expert Advice.”  Click below to download your copy.