By Mike Wiley


Regardless of how perfect a job candidate appears on their resume – or even in person – the harsh truth is: you can’t always take them on their word, no matter what your gut tells you.

  • Recent research has shown that 40 percent of job applications contain some type of false information.
  • As reported in Business Week, 16 percent of executive resumes include omissions and/or false academic claims.

Thorough pre-employment screening helps ensure that you protect your people and your business from the potentially devastating fallout that can result from a bad hire.

Safeguard Your Team

By screening applicants, you perform due diligence in keeping your employees, customers, vendors, and visitors safe from harm, including bullying, acts of violence, discrimination, or sexual harassment. If a candidate has a history of any of these flaws, you need to know about it so you can consider all the information before making your hiring decision.

Secure Your Company

Employee theft statistics reveal that companies are losing astonishing amounts of money every year due to internal theft and fraud. For example:

  • Seventy-five percent of employees have stolen from their employers at least once, and 37.5 percent are repeat offenders, having committed theft at their companies at least twice.
  • A staggering 95 percent of all businesses in the U.S. are hurt by employee theft, which costs those companies $50 billion annually.
  • More than 40 percent of retail shrinkage is due to employee theft. In 2019, more than 348,000 dishonest workers were apprehended by just 21 retailers.
  • About three-quarters of all U.S. businesses are hurt by time theft.
  • Sixty-six percent of cyber breaches can be traced to company employees.

With careful screening, you also protect your company from productivity, morale, quality, and even safety issues that may ensue if a new hire lacks the skills or qualifications they falsely claim to bring to their new role. Of course, not everyone who fudges information during the hiring process is hiding a sordid past or a criminal history. But, they may embellish or misrepresent details in order to secure a position without considering the possible long-term consequences. They may truly believe that once hired, they can learn what they need to know on the job. And while it’s great to hire for potential and then provide training, screening can help rule out any fabrications that could prove seriously problematic.

As a recognized national leader in pre-employment screening and drug testing, Chane Solutions can help you avoid trauma and achieve confidence in every hire. With decades of experience and knowledge, our team has redefined screening standards, so our clients find peace of mind as they build their own winning workforces. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.