Customizable Solutions That Match Your Needs

Chane Solutions offers fully comprehensive background screening and drug testing programs to employers, which allow for flexible customization to match specific organizational needs. Every background check and drug screening result undergoes a thorough quality control audit, whereby each component of every report is evaluated for accuracy and correctness.

We have built long-term, valuable relationships with researchers and vendors nationwide. By creating our network of carefully vetted partners, we can promise a reliable and timely product to our customers every time.

In addition to offering employment screening and drug testing services, our dedication to valuing education, compliance and customer service above all else is an added security, which has proved to benefit our clients.

Social Security Trace/Address Verification

A social security number (SSN) trace is important when conducting any sort of background screening for potential new hires. It is an investigative database tool used to determine previous name and address history on an individual. The results of this search are intended to lead into performing additional criminal searches in founded areas and on additional names that may not present themselves on the initial application.

Criminal History Searches

Determining if a candidate has a criminal record can be a crucial step in creating a safe working environment for any company. Having knowledge on a candidate’s criminal history allows you to make an educated decision on whether or not he/she should be brought into your organization.

Conducting a criminal history search tailored to the requirements of a position helps lessen the potential for on-site job incidents and help organizations avoid and/or deter potential negligent hiring lawsuits.

For these reasons Chane Solutions offers multiple types of criminal history checks, including but not limited to:

Federal Criminal History Search

A federal criminal history search uncovers criminal court information found in the U.S. Federal Court records from 94 U.S. federal district courthouses nationwide.

County Criminal History Search

A county criminal history search is conducted at the primary felony and misdemeanor record repository within a specified county. This search is highly recommended to be used in conjunction with any other criminal search that is available as it is will return the most up-to-date source of information.

Statewide Criminal History Search

A statewide criminal repository search will reveal criminal history records from state repositories, where available. A county criminal history search is always recommended to be used in conjunction with this search to ensure accurate results. Please contact a representative to learn which states this search is available in.

Multi-Jurisdictional Criminal History Search

Our multi-jurisdictional criminal search collects criminal record information from thousands of jurisdictions in the United States through a compilation of sources such as the State Department of Corrections, Sex Offender Registries, Pardon and Paroles Boards, state criminal repositories and hundreds of public record sources. In compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Chane Solutions performs contemporaneous verification on all results by performing criminal searches at the county level.

Sex Offender Search

A sex offender screening tool designed to reveal whether or not an individual is a registered sex offender.

Professional Verification & Reference Checks

We believe professional verifications have become an industry-standard and offer customers various levels of reports to choose from.

Education Verification

Chane Solutions verifies a candidate’s highest attained education, including degree earned, major and college or university accreditation.

Employment Verification

Chane Solutions verifies current and previous employment history information supplied by the candidate by validating the provided company information and confirming dates of employment, position, reason for leaving, eligibility for rehire, as well as ending salary where available.

Professional Reference Check

We believe reference checks have become an industry-standard. There are a set of professional reference questions in which customers can personalize their questions to meet their specific business needs. Chane Solutions offers our customers 3 levels of reference reports to choose from.

Professional License Verification

Chane Solutions verifies a candidate’s license as entered by the candidate.

Additional Services

Chane Solutions offers multiple types of searches and checks, including but not limited to:

Civil Searches Report (Upper & Lower)

A Civil Search will report public record filings that are noncriminal in nature. Such reports may include disputes between individuals and organizations filed in the upper court of a given county, typically based on the monetary amount of the claim. Civil Searches are completed at the county or federal level by Chane Solutions.

Consent Based Social Security Validation (CBSV)

Fraud mitigation tool which provides direct, online access to SSA Master File and Death index. This tool can be used both pre-hire & post-hire. It matches Name, SSN, Date of Birth, and Death Indicator. A CBSV check does not verify an individual’s identity, only that the number presented matches the specified name.

Credit Report

Credit Reports are often used to help assess risk factors that may include judgments, liens, account history, types of credit, collection accounts, etc. The credit report received as part of a background check provides an altered version of a full credit report by omitting certain information and does not provide a credit score.

Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Report

A Motor Vehicle Record Report verifies a candidate’s driving record, license status and violations through a state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

Medical Exclusion (Level 3)

Chane Solutions Medical Solution Level 3 search combines a basic medical sanctions search of the federal agencies with disciplinary action information from multiple agencies as well as those taken by licensing and certification agencies in all 50 states.

Global Search – Terrorist/Medical/Financial Exclusions

This search is designed to assist in your compliance efforts with the USA PATRIOT ACT and includes multitude of databases covering US and foreign sanctions and watch lists as provided by the US and foreign governments and international organizations. It will also include your basic medical sanctions check which examines several state and federal sources to identify disciplinary actions of healthcare providers and to detect sanctioned individuals.

Chane Solutions will return any listed findings and contact the applicant directly if there is reason to believe there is an identifying discrepancy.

Electronic I-9

An I-9 is a required form for every employee in the United States. All employers must properly complete Form I-9 in its entirety for each employee hired.


Verifies a candidate’s eligibility to work in the United States. This must be performed post hire.

International Background Checks

International background checks are global screenings, which are available in a majority of countries.

Physical Examination

A physical examination performed by a certified professional that assesses the subject’s physical wellness.

Drug Screenings

We help our clients maintain a drug-free work zone by offering several different panel drug tests (other panels available upon request):

5 Panel Drug Screening

The 5-panel drug test verification involves the screening for Amphetamines, Cocaine metabolite, Marijuana metabolite, Opiates and Phencyclidine.

10 Panel Drug Screening

The 10-panel drug test verification involves the screening for Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine metabolite, Marijuana metabolite, Methadone, Methaqualone, Opiates, Phencyclidine, and Propoxyphene.