A Unique Experience Tailored to Your Needs

When it comes to the safety of your organization and its employees, you should never settle with just any background screening company. Work with one that gives you confidence in every hire.

For years Chane Solutions has been helping employers create and maintain safe working environments, while remaining compliant throughout the hiring process. Committed to being a trusted source for all of your background screening and drug testing needs, Chane Solutions has been giving employers confidence in their hires for years.

Our dedication to valuing education, compliance and customer service above all else is an added security that is beneficial to any organization.


Customizable Solutions

Chane Solutions offers fully comprehensive background screening and drug testing programs to employers. Customers have the option to choose service combinations that match their needs for a true customized experience. View Our Services »

Chane Support

Connect with a Chane Solutions expert without delays or disruptions by email and phone. Our support team is prompt in responding to all inquiries and providing true solutions.

Creating True Partnerships With Clients

Through personalized service support, we create and sustain true partnerships with our clients. Whether Chane is providing general information about FCRA requirements or addressing specific questions about our screening procedures and reports, a knowledgeable team member is available to assist clients with all requests.

Important Announcements

We alert clients of important industry news and announcements that we believe every hiring manager should be aware of to help safeguard their organization.

Expert Knowledge

Among other invaluable attributes, Chane’s team members possess decades of background screening and drug testing knowledge. With in-depth experience ranging from ground-level research work to executive leadership involvement, our staff knows about important nuances of the screening process that are unique to competitors.

Industry Expertise

Our team members find important details that other companies miss, which means you will receive the fastest and most accurate reports possible, while still remaining fully compliant.

News & Trends

We believe it is important for our clients to be alert and up-to-date with industry trends and updates to ensure they remain compliant throughout the hiring process.

Educational Resource

We offer expert guidance on best screening practices regarding compliance issues and important industry legislation. Clients have access to our resource library containing webinars and training materials.


Chane Solutions has redefined the standards for pre-employment screening and firmly believes that conducting proper due diligence and staying compliant during the hiring process is a first priority.

Is Your Screening Process Compliant?

As a CRA, we are committed to securing our client’s best interest and offer full transparency into our operational and quality assurance processes. We believe that providing our clients with best screening practices and training is crucial in safeguarding their organization.

We familiarize our clients on the following topics to help them reduce company risk and stay compliant throughout the hiring process:

  • FCRA Compliance
  • Pre-Adverse Action
  • Adverse Action
  • Disclosure/Authorization Forms
  • Ban the Box

Fast Turnaround Time

By creating a network of long-term, valuable relationships with carefully vetted partners, we can promise reliable and accurate reports in a timely manner that are fully compliant with state and federal guidelines.

Fast Results Without Compromising Quality

Every background and drug screening result undergoes a thorough quality control audit, whereby each component of the report is evaluated for accuracy and correctness in a timely manner.

Platform Efficiency

Improve your organization’s approach to a more efficient, streamlined on-boarding process with ChaneCheck, our web-based platform. Its unique scalable infrastructure permits all services to be ordered in one central location, giving you unlimited growth potential.

ChaneCheck allows for:

  • Multiple Ordering Options
  • We’ve simplified the hiring process for clients and candidates alike, creating a seamless experience on both ends. Order reports via email, fax, client entry, applicant entry or through an applicant tracking system (ATS) integration.

  • ATS Integration
  • New client set up can be done quickly and can also be done in a way that provides greater efficiency through your electronic on-boarding software.

  • Compliance Tracking Features
  • Electronically document each step in the background and drug screening compliance process. Keep notes to monitor sending of reports, adverse action requirements, decisions made, etc.

  • Improved Candidate Experience
  • Clients can invite candidates to enter their own data through an easy data input process. Chane’s user-friendly platform allows candidates to electronically sign consent forms, eliminating paper forms.