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Here’s Why Using a Background Screening Agency Is in Your Best Interest

Before you take on a new employee, you want to know as much about them as possible. After all, a good hiring decision has to be based on complete information. Though an application and an interview can give you a decent outline of a candidate’s abilities and character, only a background check can provide the full picture. Here’s why you should use a background screening agency for every new hire.

Catching misinformation on the resume

Whether by accident or on purpose, a shocking percentage of resumes contain information that is inaccurate. From simply exaggerating job duties and skills to brazenly claiming to have worked at a company when they never have, the scope of the inaccuracies may surprise you. If you want to know who’s telling the truth, conduct a background check on every promising applicant.

Verifying education and credentials through a background screening agency

Even among completely honest candidates, there is always the possibility of an honest mistake regarding credentials and licensure. Since some professionals need to maintain licenses in multiple states and these license might expire at different times, for example, an applicant may genuinely believe what they put on the resume. Even an honest mistake, however, must be corrected before they can be allowed to start at your company. To guarantee that an applicant’s legal and professional ducks are in a row, have your background screening agency look into their credentials.

Avoiding legal liability

If you bring a convicted criminal into your workforce, you may be held responsible for their repeat offenses. Indeed, many businesses already have been held accountable for crimes committed by their employees, including theft, fraud, and even violent acts. You can protect your staff and your clients by conducting background checks on every new hire.

Minimizing workplace violence

As with other criminal backgrounds, a history of violence might indicate that an applicant has dangerous tendencies. Since you would never want to expose your other employees to the risk of workplace violence, you should screen your potential hires for related convictions.

Trust and peace of mind

These are two qualities that you can’t put a price on. Though you’ll continue to develop trust with your employees during the months and years that you work alongside them, a feeling of confidence on day one is priceless. Knowing that you can trust a new employee will allow you to dedicate yourself fully to the job at hand without second-guessing your decision.

At Chane Solutions, we value trust and transparency above all. Our comprehensive background check services will help you make your hiring decisions with confidence. To start crafting a tailor-made screening process that fits your company’s needs, contact us today.

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