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3 Reasons a Background Check Can Be Delayed

The average candidate background checks take anywhere from one to five business days.  Generally, anything beyond this time can be considered a delay, which can be costly, especially if hiring needs to be done within a set timeframe. 

But inevitably, there are unforeseen delays, for a number of reasons. Among the most common are: 


Court Clerk Delays

Often timeswhen a criminal search is ordered, the results are returned within 24-72 hours. However, there are many jurisdictions that take more time to retrieve records. For example, in a county where records are kept on a public access terminal, researchers can search names fairly quickly. On the other hand, in a county where there is no public access portal and researchers must submit requests directly to the clerks, the turnaround time increases. As to be expected, some clerks are faster than others and each county operates independently. For this reason, search time can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. 


Third-Party Response Time

Background checking often involves retrieving information from third parties such as past employers and schools. Despite the diligence of a screening firm, some employers and educational facilities may be more responsive than others. That said, when you are awaiting results on an employment verification or education verification, the results will only come back as quickly as the entities respond. The important thing is ensuring you are working with a partner who has robust processes in place to get those results as soon as they are available. 


Archaic Records

Even if institutional records can be accessed right away if they are stored in archaic, paper-based files, obtaining needed data can become a painstakingly slow process. Many educational institutions and other organizations still keep vital information in archived files, versus organized digital systems. This goes for criminal records from time to time as well. Adding to the challenge may be the fact that these organizations often tend to be understaffed, so there’s not enough manpower to effectively conduct manual searches. 


Looking to Partner With a Background Screening Firm?

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