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Quick Guide to Selecting the Right Background Screening Provider for You

You already know that you need to conduct background checks on every new hire, but what now? There are endless background screening providers on the market, and each one of them promises the best services available. How can you choose between them? Here’s a quick guide to the background screening industry and how to pick the best provider for your business.

Types of background screening providers

Before you decide on a background screening agency, it’s important to realize that you have options. Your path forward will likely fall into one of these categories:

1. DIY background checks

The Internet gives you access to a wealth of information, and it is possible to learn a surprising amount about your candidates with a simple online search. If you’re willing to invest a significant amount of time into the search, you may be able to uncover some of the information you need.

Pros: Low out-of-pocket expenses.

Cons: Incomplete records, inaccurate results and/or non-existent access to important records,  time-consuming, compliance nightmare

2. Instant online providers

Many online providers offer free or almost free screening options that seem appealing at first glance. In reality, most of these are glorified search engines that automatically collect the same information that you would find using a DIY approach. Some providers, however, may be able to meet the needs of small businesses that do not have high demands.

Pros: Cheaper than a full-service option, could appear to be more in-depth than the DIY option.

Cons: Limited professional oversight, lack of expert support, incomplete/incorrect data, high likelihood of compliance violations.

3. Full-service background screening agencies

For businesses that demand a high level of professionalism, a full-service screening company is the best option. Since such companies are run by professionals with expert insight into the background screening and drug testing industry, they will have access to complete records and will be able to guide you through complicated legal issues.

Pros: Expert insight, access to multi-jurisdictional databases that don’t stop there, complete and accurate data, flexibility, legal protection and guidance.

Cons: Less flexible providers may charge you for services you don’t need.

Do you really have to compromise?

Fortunately, you don’t need to sacrifice cost for quality or speed for efficiency. At Chane Solutions, our screening services are completely customizable to meet your needs. If you are a small business looking for peace of mind when making a few hires, we can craft a low-budget solution for you. If you’re looking to meet the exacting demands of a large company will high-volume hiring needs, our industry experts will work with you to find a secure, cost-effective screening package. To learn more about our tailor-made background screening services, contact us today.

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