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The Benefits of Verifying Candidates’ Previous Employment History

You have a critical position at your company that’s been suddenly vacated – and you need to fill it, yesterday. You’ve considered several candidates for the job, and there’s one that stands out above all the rest. Their resume is outstanding, with all the right experience, education, and credentials listed. They shone in their interview, and they can start as soon as you need them.   

With nothing not to like about this applicant, what harm could be done by skipping that last step of checking their previous employment history? That will just delay things, right?  


Never Cut This Corner  

Wrong. No matter how confident you feel about an applicant, always be sure to verify the history provided during their hiring process. This protects you, as an employer, from liability issues that may arise. If, after joining your company, an employee behaves poorly or inappropriately, you may be held responsible for negligence or failing to do the research required before bringing them on board.  

Moreover, you are obliged legally and morally to ensure that your team members, vendors, clients, and customers, are not harmed due to hiring an unsuitable candidate.  

They May Not Be Who They Say They Are

There are numerous reasons why people may lie on their resume, job application, or during their interview process. These may range from trying to hide a job dismissal to not having completed required degrees, certifications, or licenses to theft or violence in their past. Consider these recent cases:  

    • In 2016, an 18-year-old man was accused of posing as a licensed doctor in West Palm Beach County, Florida. He went so far as to open his own office, and his ruse worked until authorities had an agent pose as a patient seeking medical advice. Subsequently, the man was arrested and booked for practicing medicine without a license.  
    • In the Boca Raton area, a university department head who had worked for his employer for a decade was terminated when their boss noticed a discrepancy in the dean’s signature on a Ph.D. diploma. Not only had he failed to earn an advanced degree, he had never even gone to college.  

The Right Solution

Candidate background checks are challenging. In many cases, for instance, employers may be reluctant to provide details that could indicate they were negligent themselves. Often, only an experienced professional can get to the truth of a questionable situation.  

Chane Solutions is committed to being your trusted source for your complete candidate background screening and drug testing needs. Our customized offerings include Social Security trace/address verification, criminal history searches, credit reports, professional verification, and reference checks, motor vehicle reports, international background checks, and more.  Contact us today so we can discuss the Chane solution for your company.  


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