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Looking Ahead at 2021 Hiring Trends

In hiring, as in almost every aspect of life and work, things have changed dramatically this past year. There will still likely be several unknowns as you turn your corporate calendar to January 2021. But while they may look a bit different, certain best practices will remain rock solid. It’s important to understand the key trends that will shape your hiring strategy in the New Year, including: 

Remote Work

According to a recent survey, globally, the percentage of people working permanently from home is expected to double in 2021Most experts predicted some increase in remote work, but did not expect such a dramatic rise from pre-Covid levels. Pandemic or not, working from home is the future. Its benefits include: 

  • Greater flexibility and less expense for employees: Prospective hires are attracted to companies offering remote work options, as they do not need to commute, stress out about their schedules, or spend as much on transportation, child care, and related necessities. 
  • A wider talent pool for employers: You can select candidates from anywhere in the world, without worrying about costly relocation packages.  

Employer Branding

Your company’s brand is the emotional, intellectual, and instinctive perception people have of your business. Branding also has a second, equally critical layer: your employer brand image, a.k.a., how you’re perceived by current and prospective talent. And remember, perception is reality. Without a positive employer brand, recruitment and retention become challenging and highly costly. 

  • Crafting a strong employer brand means using specific messages to reach target audiences. Current satisfied employees can be your best brand ambassadors, both via social media and word of mouth. 

Not surprisingly, companies with positive employer brands have been shown to get twice as many applications as those with negative brands. 

The Candidate Experience

The candidate experience begins at your first touchpoint with a prospective employee and lasts through their successful recruitment, hiring, and onboarding. At its core is communication from your brand messaging, traditional and online media, and employees and other stakeholders.  

In addition to clear, honest communication, a positive candidate experience: 

  • Sets realistic expectations for the job and work environment. 
  • Conveys your employee value proposition. 
  • Provides candidates all the employment resources and details they need. 
  • Offers an easy, mobile-friendly application process. 
  • Provides a seamless, efficient interview experience and a smooth transition for new hires. 
  • Maintains a tactful, respectful process for rejections. 
  • Gives new employees everything they need to succeed. 

As you hire in 2021, make sure you not only craft the right strategy but also follow all the right steps to ensure that your people stay safe and your company stays compliant. This includes careful, thorough pre-employment screening and drug testing.  

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