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Things You Didn’t Realize Automated Healthcare Credentialing Could Do for Your Company

Which company hires the best medical professionals shouldn’t come down to who can verify their credentials the fastest – but that’s often the case. When all is said and done, healthcare organizations with the latest technology for onboarding new hires and maintaining their licensure and certification status often beat their competition and land top talent first.

Hiring managers and recruiters who automate credentialing processes bring a much-needed measure of relief to their companies, their patients, and the medical professionals who work there or want to work there. When employees don’t have to be tied up at the fax machine or on the phone, the whole system runs smoothly. Plus, you get results sooner and make better decisions in hiring qualified clinicians. And if you’re properly staffed, morale will be more positive, as no one feels overextended.

If that’s not enough to convince you to consider automating your process, consider this statistic: more than half of all states recognize negligent credentialing as a reason for litigation against healthcare organizations.

You need a smart system.

Automating your credentialing system helps relieve these pain points that stand in the way of efficiency, profitability, and your image as a healthcare employer:

  • Low portability:

    Mountains of paperwork and old-school files adversely hinder credentialing success and throw huge bottlenecks into your workflow and data management tasks.

  • Cumbersome manual processes:

    If you’re still paper-based, the chances are that credentialing speed and accuracy are at risk, and you’ll continue to open the door to processing errors.

  • Questionable data management:

You can’t afford shortfalls in provider data storage, segmentation, or data security.

  • Credential expiration:

An automated system will send you ongoing reminders, so you never have to scramble or risk letting re-credentialing or other updates failing to happen.

  • Noncompliance:

    Automation enables you to work with CAQH Proview effectively, the industry standard for optimizing credentialing, improving provider directories, and speeding up claims processing and adjudication.

First impressions can make or break provider relations.

When you’re trying to recruit an in-demand healthcare professional, a negative first impression of your company can undermine all your best efforts, especially as word spreads that your company has a disorganized or difficult credentialing process. Automation helps you to streamline, eliminate redundancies, and make your process more user-friendly for everyone involved.

  • A single centralized system greatly reduces wasted time and resources. It lowers the completion time from recruitment to enrollment and a professional’s start date at your company.
  • Automation eliminates confusion, duplication, and errors. It makes onboarding a pleasant, seamless experience.

You can’t rest assured that you’ve made the right healthcare hire until you’ve cleared their credentials – and also their background checks and drug screening protocol. Nothing less than the safety of your people and the growth and well-being of your company is at stake. For additional tips, expertise, and resources in all these areas, read our related posts or contact Chane Solutions today.



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