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Do Small Businesses Need Drug and Background Checks?

If your small business is like many others, your employees wear a lot of different hats. During the course of a typical day, they may fill a wide variety of company-critical and/or customer-facing roles.

Because they do so much for you – and because they are the face and heartbeat of your organization – you can’t afford to make a bad hire. Nor can you assume that everyone you do bring on board is entirely trustworthy and reliable.

It’s not enough to rely on your gut or the contacts who referred them. For total peace of mind and security, make thorough background checks and drug screens a regular part of your hiring process.

The Cost of a Failed Hire

As noted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), a bad hire’s cost can exceed a quarter-million dollars in some cases. Unless you have that kind of cash to gamble with, think twice before you skip any hiring steps, including pre-employment screens.

SHRM cites these reasons, among others, for businesses of all sizes to raise the bar on conducting drug and background checks:

  • Safety:

    Prevention or harm or liability related to sexual harassment, workplace violence, theft, negligent driving, or image and reputational issues.

  • Productivity:

    Typically, past track records are indicative of future job performance. A properly-conducted reference check helps solidify this distinction.

Consider Outsourcing

Background screening is a highly-regulated industry. Background check companies have the expertise and resources to complete checks efficiently and effectively. They have their own researchers, verification specialists, and other staff experts to keep you current from a compliance standpoint and up to date on all related government-mandated regulations. Moreover, the right outsources partner can help enhance workplace safety and minimize your chances of being hit with a costly negligent hiring claim. They can also help with important employment issues, including:

  • Determining which screens should be performed:

    It’s important to know the various screens available and be able to pinpoint which ones will yield the information you need to secure a good hire. For instance, some roles may necessitate a motor vehicle search record or credit check, while these services may be irrelevant in other cases.

  • Legal compliance:

    The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) specifies how background checks must be conducted. Skilled professionals can walk you through everything from obtaining the necessary written consent to notifying candidates if something questionable arises. They can also help your company develop consistent policies to avoid charges of discrimination or personal intrusion.

Chane Solutions has been a recognized leader in background check and drug screening services for clients nationwide since our founding in 2006. Our team has redefined the standards for hiring new employees and distinguished themselves as leaders in our industry. To help preserve your business’s safety, security, and success and for your own peace of mind when it comes to hiring, contact us today.


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