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Applicant Experience in Background Screening

Background screening is likely one of the final steps in your hiring process, yet also one of the most important. It can be key to fostering a positive candidate experience while at the same time providing better safety and security for all parties – and data – involved.

Take a candidate-centric approach throughout all your recruiting steps, including background screens. After all, you’ve invested a lot of time, energy, and resources to get this far, so don’t risk it all now.

What Candidates Want

Job seekers value communication, accessibility, transparency, and quick, honest answers to their questions – about the hiring process in general and screening in particular. Screening can be the least understood aspect of their candidate experience. It may make them uneasy, which is understandable. So, humanize it by proactively giving them the information they probably want to know but may be hesitant to ask.

  • Explain how the screening process works. It’s part of your everyday routine, but that’s not true for your candidates. And if they’re left in the dark, they may just move on and go elsewhere with their job search. As you paint a comprehensive picture, include details on the role of technology, what they will need to do, how they will be kept informed, and where they can direct any inquiries.
  • Reassure candidates about data safety and confidentiality. Remember the devastating data breach that occurred at Equifax in 2017? It exposed the colossal scope of cybercrime and reinforced the need to safeguard the personal information of candidates and employees. Be vigilant and proactive around education about information security.
  • Talk about turnaround time. Let candidates know that you will procure screening results as soon as possible, but the process for high-quality assessments is not instant. Reassure them that this is not a problem and that you will keep them in the communication loop.
  • Make sure applicants understand there is no automatic disqualification based on background check results. Those unfamiliar with the specifics may view employment screening as a completely closed-door process and worry about whether they will “pass the test.” Educate them that, should their check produce potentially disqualifying information, they will receive a copy of their report and a summary of their right to review. Let them know that they then would have an opportunity to dispute and correct information in the report and provide input.

Keep It User Friendly

As you work to enhance your hiring process and the candidate experience, make it as easy as possible for applicants. Eliminate as much screening-related paperwork as possible in favor of online forms. And, make sure all your communication and technology is mobile-friendly. This is a must in keeping today’s applicants comfortable and engaged.

To ensure an optimal candidate experience, as well as compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, partner with a screening provider who will help you stay on top of it all – from the latest legislative and technological changes to keeping communication lines open and your candidates and current workforce safe, protected, and loyal to your business. To learn more, read our related posts or contact the experts at Chane Solutions today.

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