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The Leading Reasons to Conduct Criminal Background Checks when Hiring


When a single bad hire can cost your business thousands of dollars, it’s important that you collect as much information as possible before bringing on a new employee. This means that your hiring process must as airtight as possible. Though you can learn much about a candidate during the interview, performing criminal background checks will help you stack the deck in your favor. Here’s why background screening should be a permanent part of your hiring process.

Background screening uncovers resume fabrications and inaccuracies

Experienced hiring managers know that a job application gives an incomplete picture, at best. Since it’s very easy for applicants to exaggerate their skills or work history, it’s unwise to base your hiring decision exclusively on what an applicant provides you. On the other hand, it’s equally easy for candidates to accidentally omit information or otherwise confuse the details. In all cases, conducting thorough background screening is the safest way to ensure you are working with accurate information.

Criminal background checks can protect your business from fraud and theft

Having a criminal history doesn’t automatically make somebody a bad hire. Indeed, there may sometimes be compelling reasons to overlook an applicant’s criminal background. Regardless, your decision to hire must be based on complete and accurate information, and a criminal background check is the only way to guarantee that you have that information. The recent resignation of Samsonite’s CEO over allegations of fraud illustrates how devastating the issue can be, and a business cannot recover from such a mistake overnight. By conducting screening before each new hire, you protect your company from dishonest candidates.

Combatting workplace violence

Candidates with a history of violent behavior are of special concern to hiring managers. In fact, millions of Americans are victimized by workplace violence every year, with thousands of injuries and several hundred deaths. Since a comprehensive background check should reveal previous tendencies toward violence, performing checks and responding appropriately to the results is the best way to guarantee the safety of your coworkers.

Connecting with better employees

By performing background checks before hiring, you help your business ensure the honesty and integrity of each new hire. Since trust is the foundation of business relations, you can then move forward with peace of mind, knowing that you’ve done what’s right for your company.

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