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10 Reasons to Conduct Background Screening During the Interview Process

No business can be stronger than the employees who run it. No matter what industry you work in, building a solid team you can trust is the only path to success. Many managers rely on background checks to add an extra layer of security when vetting their most promising candidates, but is it worth the effort? Here’s why you should consider conducting background screening during the hiring process.

1. Screening helps create a safer workplace

No workplace is entirely hazard free, but it’s your responsibility to keep your employees as safe as possible. Performing background checks before onboarding new workers helps guarantee your other employees’ safety.

2. Revealing disqualifying information

Negative information on a candidate’s screening results is not always instantly disqualifying, but you have to be able to see every piece of the puzzle. For example, a dangerous driving record may not matter if you are hiring a new salesperson, but would be incredibly important when taking on a new driver.

3. Protection from liability

As mentioned before, it is management’s responsibility to maintain a safe work environment. In a world where workplace violence is increasingly prevalent, one bad hiring decision can put your entire workplace at risk. Performing comprehensive background screening will weed out anyone who would pose a danger to their workmates.

4. Confirmation of work history

Sadly, it’s very common for job applicants to embellish their work history on their resume. Protect yourself from hiring underqualified candidates by thoroughly investigating their past.

5. Education and license verification

Likewise, it’s not uncommon for resumes to include inaccurate or out-of-date information about a candidate’s training, education and licensure. Verifying their qualifications will keep you from hiring an underperformer.

6. Background screening helps you narrow the field

By the time you get to the interview process, you’ve already invested much time and many resources into selecting your top candidates. However, how do you go from, say, five great candidates to one perfect hire? Running background checks at this stage can help you make a reliable decision while protecting you from making a bad hire. If a background screen reveals some disqualifying factor, you can cut that candidate and focus your attention on those who remain.

7. Screening helps you make an informed decision

Even if the checks reveal nothing that immediately disqualifies the candidate, you’ve still gained valuable information that will help you evaluate your options. When making a decision that could dramatically affect your business, it never hurts to know as much as possible.

8. You might learn something positive

Though people mostly think of background checks as a way to uncover potentially negative information, the opposite can also be true. Current trends encourage candidates to create lean, streamlined resumes. As a result, they may not include certain education, work history, or other information if they don’t believe it to be pertinent. This data, however, might reveal some appealing qualifications to you, helping you make your hiring decision.

9. You gain peace of mind

It would be nice if the stress of taking on a new employee went away after they are hired – if only it were that easy. Nagging doubts can keep you from focusing on more important tasks. In contrast, having a clear, accurate picture of your new hire’s past helps you relax.

10. Background checks help strengthen trust

You want all new employees to be ready for their responsibilities as soon as possible, but relying on unproven workers takes a leap of faith. Eliminate these variables by performing screening checks with a reliable provider. When you are confident you can trust your new worker, it will be easier to delegate responsibilities to them.

At Chane Solutions, we understand your background screening needs are unique and can change with each situation. We work with all of our clients to create a flexible, tailor-made screening solution. Contact us today to learn how you can get started.


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