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3 Reasons Why You Still Need to Screen Employee Referrals

No matter how you source new talent or how senior the position you’re seeking to fill, completing a thorough screening process on every candidate is essential. Doing so gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re protecting your company and its people and helps improve your bottom line. Employee referrals can and should be a leading resource in identifying prospective hires – but these applicants are no exception.

By never dropping the ball when it comes to candidate screening, you:

1. Protect your workplace.

Safety first. This means securing the protection and well-being of your employees, as well as customers and visitors. The wrong hire can be an extremely destabilizing – or even dangerous – force in a workplace. This may be due to a poor work ethic, a troublesome personality, or a history of instability that you wouldn’t otherwise unearth if you skipped their background and/or drug screen.

  • As outlined by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), it’s critical to assess your business’s internal vulnerabilities. For example, if a candidate’s background check shows a criminal conviction, you should ask about it and make sure any explanation is consistent with what their check revealed.

2. Save time and money.

Because they are one and the same, time is a valuable commodity, and screening helps ensure that you and your hiring team members don’t have to sit through multiple or lengthy interviews with candidates who are neither qualified nor suited for a position.

  • Thirty-six percent of Americans in a 2020 survey admitting to lying on their resumes. When asked if they knew people who had committed this untruth, 93 percent of respondents said yes.
  • Lower turnover. Candidate screening gives you access to recruits who display honesty, loyalty, and similar qualities that are likely to keep them at your company for a greater length of time.

3. Ensure that you hire the right workforce.

Bad hires are bad for business. They can cause financial and cultural turmoil – or worse. They may drive business away or incite others to leave your company, taking valuable skills and organizational knowledge with them. They threaten your reputation and employer brand. And in worst-case scenarios, they may be the cause of theft, violence, or other serious threats.

  • Employing the right people and avoiding bad hires goes a long way toward long-term business success. A robust screening process helps you to build a suitable and sustainable workforce team.


When it comes to your company’s safety and successful future, you should never settle with just any background screening company—partner with one that gives you total confidence in every hire. For years, Chane Solutions has been meeting this need for employers nationwide. Contact us today to learn more.


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